Database Auditor

Database Auditor


ProActive DBA Database Auditor provides continuous auditing of all activity on SAP Sybase ASE, SAP Sybase IQ and Microsoft SQL servers, with No Impact on performance.

For companies that must comply with auditing regulations, Database Auditor provides a way to ensure data integrity and accountability for database changes.

Major benefits include:

  • Captures all SQL and logins sent to the database server
  • See WHO viewed or changed data, WHEN the activity occurred, WHAT data was accessed or modified, WHERE the activity came from and HOW it was done
  • Track schema changes (DDL), security commands (GRANT, REVOKE, etc.), DBA commands (KILL, DBCC, etc.) and see who issued them
  • Network-based capturing does not use polling or tracing, incurs no overhead in the database server


Database Auditor captures and records all the logins and SQL queries sent to your database server, and displays and analyzes them in a powerful graphical interface.

DBAs can analyze captured activity by user, table, application or other criteria to locate audit events of interest. You can see how many times each table and column was referenced in SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT and DELETE statements, and how many times each table and column appeared in WHERE, ORDER BY, GROUP BY and other constructs.

For a given table or column, you can drill down to see the full, original SQL text, cursor query or stored procedure call (with parameters) that referenced a selected table or column, with login details, performance metrics and other relevant data.

Database Auditor lets you view database logins individually or grouped by user, application, client IP address or host name, and shows you the SQL queries that were executed by each login or group of logins.

You can analyze the captured SQL to view the database objects that each SQL referenced, and view table and column modifications.

Database Auditor includes summary reporting that lets you view activity by user name, application name and other database login criteria.


Database Auditor uses the same network sniffing technology as SQL Capture, to capture all logins, logouts and SQL activity from database clients (both local and remote). This provides continuous coverage of database server activity.

Other SQL monitors work by querying the database server itself in order to monitor its SQL activity. These “polling” methods may not capture all of the SQL executed against the server, may not capture the full SQL text with parameters for every statement, and may not capture the actual SQL text sent to the server.

Also, the polling methods used by other SQL monitors can add significant overhead to the server, since these methods require the database server to do extra work to store and account for every SQL executed against it. And, these products can use significant additional memory in the database server, due to the “SQL pipes” or memory buffers that are needed to store the SQL.

Database Auditor’s monitoring occurs completely outside the database server, so no overhead is incurred in the server.

Database Support

Database Auditor supports SAP Sybase ASE versions 11.0 through 16.0, SAP Sybase IQ versions 12.6 through 16.0 and Microsoft SQL Server versions 2000 through 2014.


Database Auditor integrates into the same framework as SQL Capture and TimeLine, so you can view auditing data, SQL and login details and performance information all in one place.