Database Maintenance Manager

Database Maintenance Manager


ProActive DBA Database Maintenance Manager provides automated database maintenance and tuning for SAP Sybase ASE servers.  It shows you how database fragmentation, wasted space and index statistics inaccuracy are harming your database’s performance, and gives you the tools to fix these problems with a minimum of effort.

Major benefits include:

  • Summary reports list the top database objects in need of maintenance
  • Increase database server performance while reducing downtime by only performing necessary database maintenance
  • Increase DBA productivity and reduce man-hour requirements through automated maintenance tools
  • Achieve cost reductions through increased efficiency of existing hardware — avoid/postpone hardware upgrades


Database Maintenance Manager offers wizard-based tools for analyzing your database’s storage structure.  After the analysis completes, you are presented with reports showing you the causes of poor performance–fragmentation, poor space utilization, index distribution statistics inaccuracy, and more.

Our unique Database Maintenance Report shows an overall indication of your database’s health and performance in each of these areas, and lists tables and indexes that are in need of maintenance.

With just a few mouse clicks, you can schedule a task to perform defragmentation, update index statistics and run DBCC verification checks to ensure database consistency.


Database Maintenance Manager analyzes your database’s storage structure at the page and row level, to identify storage structure problems in your tables and indexes.  This provides an accurate view of the exact state of storage utilization in your database.

Other methods which rely solely on querying system tables may not provide information that is as accurate or up-to-date.  This is why Database Maintenance Manager analyzes your databases at the lowest level–to provide the best information for performance tuning your servers.

Database Support

Database Maintenance Manager supports SAP Sybase ASE versions 11.0.x through 16.0.