ProActive DBA is a suite of products for performance monitoring and tuning, management and maintenance of major RDBMS systems.

Our goal is to provide products that give you insight into every aspect of what your database servers are doing.

ProActive DBA’s toolset includes the following:

SQL Capture

Continuously capture all SQL executed on your database servers.

Product Options: Warehouse | Archive Server | Alerting | Login Monitoring | Table Scan Analyzer


Continuous monitoring of database server and operating system performance.

Product Options: Warehouse | Dashboard | Archive Server | Alerting | Reporting | Wait Event Monitoring | Blocked Process Monitor | Table Scan Monitoring

Database Auditor

Monitor database SQL activity and analyze object usage patterns by user, application and other criteria.

Product Options: Warehouse | Archive Server

ProActive DBA Warehouse

Long-term storage and analysis of your servers’ activity, with powerful data mining and reporting capabilities.

Diagnostic Monitor

Real-time performance monitoring and diagnostics, with detailed drill-downs.

Visual Space Manager

Analyze and report on database object fragmentation, space utilization and index effectiveness.

Database Maintenance Manager

Build and schedule automated database defrag and update-statistics scripts.

Disaster Recovery Toolset

Diagnose and repair database page corruption, recover and extract data from corrupt tables.

SQL Task Scheduler

Automated scheduled execution of SQL and operating system tasks.