Visual Space Manager

Visual Space Manager


ProActive DBA Visual Space Manager analyzes your SAP Sybase ASE database’s storage structure to show you how fragmentation, wasted space, index distribution inaccuracy and poor table design are harming your server’s performance.  It also provides automated tools to fix these performance problems.

Major benefits include:

  • Improve database response time by optimizing data structure
  • Find and reclaim wasted database space
  • Reduce downtime by avoiding unnecessary maintenance
  • Increase DBA productivity by automating database maintenance tasks


Visual Space Manager performs low-level analysis of your databases’ data structure, to determine the exact levels of page/extent fragmentation, index statistics inaccuracy and other storage structure inefficiencies that exist within your tables, indexes and other database objects.

The Database Report Card shows you the top database objects with fragmentation, poor space usage and other data structure problems.  Hyperlinks in the reports let you quickly schedule jobs to correct any problems found.

The graphical database page map and device map let you visualize database object layout and space usage.

visual space manager

Historical trending reports let you track growth of fragmentation, space usage and other metrics over time, so you can proactively plan for maintenance and expansion and avoid emergencies.

The integrated job scheduler lets you perform database analysis on a schedule that you choose.


Visual Space Manager analyzes database storage structure at the page and row level, so its space usage information is exact to the byte.

Our database analysis does not rely on executing SQL in the database server–the analysis is done at the database device level, so no overhead is incurred within the database server itself.

Database Support

Visual Space Manager supports SAP Sybase ASE server versions 11.0 through 16.0, on all available Unix and Windows platforms.


Database Maintenance Manager

Database Maintenance Manager integrates with Visual Space Manager to offer automated database maintenance script generation, along with simplified reporting on database structure and performance issues found in your databases.

Disaster Recovery Toolset

Visual Space Manager works together with ProActive DBA’s Disaster Recovery Toolset to open up the Sybase ASE “black box,” so you can see how it stores your data internally.

The Disaster Recovery Toolset lets you view page dumps and examine data row-by-row; you can navigate index pages, allocation maps and other page types to see how they store your data; learn how to optimize table design and object placement for best performance.

Product Editions

Visual Space Manager is offered in two editions:

  • Visual Space Manager features more comprehensive and detailed reporting on database structure, index statistics inaccuracy and other areas of database structure and performance.
  • Visual Space Manager Plus offers the most complete set of reports and tools for diagnosing and fixing database structure and performance problems.

Product Edition Comparison

The chart below provides a more detailed look at the differences between these product editions.

Feature Visual Space
Visual Space
Manager Plus
Analysis of database structure, fragmentation, index statistics inaccuracy Yes Yes
Database Maintenance Report and exception reports Yes Yes
Database Report Card Yes Yes
Maintenance forecasting reports Yes
Capacity planning reports Yes
Server-wide and Enterprise-wide reporting Yes
Historical graph and table reports for trending Yes
Database Page Map and Device Map for I/O load balancing Yes Yes
Perform Basic Database Maintenance Yes Yes
Advanced Customizable Database Maintenance Yes Yes
Server-Wide Maintenance Capability Yes
Task scheduler for automating database analysis and maintenance tasks Yes Yes
Server disk, network and database middleware benchmarks Yes