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The best-of-breed suite of database
monitoring and management solutions
for enterprise RDBMS's.

Performance Monitoring

White Sands is proud to offer TimeLine, our flagship continuous performance monitor with alerting. It lets you go back in time and diagnose problems such as blocking, deadlocks, long-running SQL, high CPU utilization, spikes in disk or network I/O, cache consumption, and more!

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Database Auditing

Database Auditor offers auditing of database access and security for companies that need to monitor and restrict access to their databases, including those that must comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA or Patriot Acts.

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Database Maintenance

Database Maintenance Manager improves your databases’ performance and reclaims wasted space, while reducing downtime, by creating database maintenance scripts that are smart enough to only defragment tables and update statistics on indexes that need it.

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ProActive DBA 9.31 is now available for Download!!!

Want to get the most out of your database?

Contact us today to learn more about best-in-class database monitoring and management solutions for enterprise RDBMSs including SAP Sybase ASE, SAP Sybase Replication Server, SAP Sybase IQ, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle.

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Additional Products

  • Database Maintenance Manager

    ProActive DBA Database Maintenance Manager provides automated database maintenance and tuning for SAP Sybase ASE servers. Read More

  • SQL Task Scheduler

    ProActive DBA SQL Task Scheduler provides scheduled execution of SQL scripts, operating system scripts and commands through an enterprise-friendly graphical user interface. Read More

  • Disaster Recovery Toolset

    ProActive DBA Disaster Recovery Toolset provides provides analysis, recovery and repair of corrupt SAP Sybase ASE databases, including tools that let knowledgeable users perform on-line repair of corrupt tables. Read More

  • ProActive DBA Warehouse

    The ProActive DBA Warehouse (or PDW) is a suite of software components that provide long-term warehousing, data mining, reporting and auditing of database server activity. Read More

Core Products

  • SQL Capture

    Our SQL Capture provides continuous capturing of all SQL and measures end-user response times, with No Impact to your production server! Read More

  • TimeLine

    ProActive DBA TimeLine provides comprehensive, continuous monitoring of your database server’s performance and availability. Read More

  • Diagnostic Monitor

    ProActive DBA Diagnostic Monitor provides real-time performance monitoring and diagnostics for SAP Sybase ASE servers. Read More

  • Database Auditor

    ProActive DBA Database Auditor provides continuous auditing of all activity on SAP Sybase ASE servers, with No Impact on performance. Read More

  • Visual Space Manager

    ProActive DBA Visual Space Manager analyzes your SAP Sybase ASE database’s storage structure to show you how fragmentation, wasted space, index distribution inaccuracy and poor table design are harming your server’s performance. It also provides automated tools to fix these performance problems. Read More

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Available Platforms